The Commonality of Oppression

As a transgender woman, I have encountered multiple sorts of discrimination, including sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. While the prevelance and severety of these phobias vary differently, they share many commonalities. Each type of discrimination forces the victim to endure things ranging from losing a job, losing a loved one, losing opportunities, and losing respect for yourself, and each sort of discrimination is based on ignorance and is combatted through education and empowerment. Despite these similarities, people in minority groups are often just as judgemental of other minority groups. If all minorities were able to work together and support eachother in individual struggles for equal rights, we would easily have the power to end much of the discrimination so common in our culture This workshop investigates some of the commonolaties of oppression, the shared experience of being oppressed that binds diverse groups together, as well as providing strategies for collaborating within and outside of your particular community.

Transgender Issues

Transgender issues is an umbrella for any presentations about being transgender. Whether its a Trans 101 lecture, sensitivity or diversity training, a presentation for social workers or nurses studying trans patients, I can talk in depth or briefly on what it means to be transgender, how to treat transgender people, transgender legislation, gender theory, transgender care, and any other specific or general topic your group is interested in putting forth.

The Queer Alphabet

Just mentioning the acronym LGBTQIA is leave many people totally bewildered. By looking at each queer identity individually, understanding the issues people in these communities face, and seeing how their issues all relate to one another, this workshop is a great way to build understanding and sensativity on your campus or in your company. An emphasis can be put on any identity that is especially relevant to your group or the event’s message.

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