As a transgender woman, I quickly learned that if I do not speak up for myself, no one else will. Regardless of whether it was in front of a classroom, a huge conference, a small group of friends, or even in an Emergency Room, if I did not come out, speak out, and assert my own rights, they would often be stomped all over. While this wasn’t exactly easy, it did empower me to stand up in front of larger and larger groups, combating ignorance with education, hatred with understanding, and judgement with hope.

Since 2009, I’ve participated and led numerous panels, presentations, workshops, and diversity training sessions. By sharing my story, the experiences of many LGBTQIA individuals I have met, and countless hours of research, I focus on helping others relate to one another regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression.

I am always looking for opportunities to speak. If you would be interested in having me come speak at your campus or group, or if you would be interested in diversity training for your company about transgender or queer issues, please contact me at Ashley.C.Hope@gmail.com. I do ask for a $200 honorarium, but I am negotiable, especially for non profit groups.

Please make sure to take a look at some of the workshops I offer, though I am more than happy to discuss tailoring the presentation to your group.

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