Something I haven’t really told people, but I was quite self conscious about my eyebrows lately. I wanted to get them waxed or something, but the timing never worked out for various reasons. Part of it was some sort of weird anxiety about doing something so distinctly girly alone. I think it is not uncommon for a transgirl to feel that sort of anxiety from time to time. Its not that I don’t think I will pass, or that is wrong for me to do it, I just have a little hesitation sometimes about the most random of things for whatever reason.

I was having this anxiety, and so I decided to do something about it. At a local pharmacy, I saw a set of tweezers, and decided to take care of my problem myself. It took a while when I got home, and was more painful than I expected, but I took care of my problem; I tweezed my brows back to a manageable shape.

I guess the reason I wanted to post this very simple story was this: Sometimes we get anxious about stuff for whatever reason. We think, “I can’t” or “I shouldn’t” and instead we shut down, we restrict ourselves from doing things. We think it would be easier, or safer, to just leave things how they are instead. Or that, we need a group in order to do it. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to stand up and do it anyways, sometimes its good to empower yourself, and resolve your issue on your own in a responsible way.

Most of all, I’m saying, we all have things that make us scared, so we can all move forward and overcome our ordeals

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