New Site Structure

Some of you may have noticed some pages on my blog over the past few days. I’m in the process of implementing a new structure to make this site more useful and usable. I wanted to highlight a few of these changes and hopefully get some feedback.

The biggest change is adding several new pages you can find along the top bar, “About Me”, “Information”, and “Activism Tools”. For now, some of these sections are somewhat bare bones. I plan to flesh out each of these sections over the next few days, especially the “Activism Tools” section, which will include lists of event ideas for LGBT based groups, and some best practices from my experience as an activist. If I can find a free half hour over the next day or two, I hope I also have time to make an actual blog entry!

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  1. Annie

     /  March 29, 2012

    Hi Ashley, I love the fact you are adding ” about me “. Please try to share all the struggles and abuse you have gone through, I think many people will benefit if you give details.

  2. Thank you so much Annie. I really hope sharing my experiences will help others to overcome the difficulties in their own lives. Though I am hesitant to bring up some topics, I have faced a diversity of challenges I’ve had to overcome, from transphobia, sexism, abuse, homophobia, and even falling through the cracks of a system that is supposed to help. Sharing how all of these issues intersected and interacted truly highlights the commonality of oppression. Even if you face different challenges than I, we all face oppression in one way or another.


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