A New Hope

It’s been almost exactly six months since I last posted here. A lot has changed. Then again, with me, things always seem to be changing quickly. I’ve come to accept that, even embrace it. I’ve become well trained at being adaptable and I’m looking forward to some of the big changes coming in the near future.

The story of the past sixth months is one for another day, but suffice to say I’ve gone through several major transitions. To name a few, I’ve gone from an inexperienced programmer to a successful professional web developer. I’m single now, and learning a lot more about myself and what I want in a partner. I’m moving to a new city on my own, getting onto my own two feet, and starting again. My activism has also evolved; while lgbt activism and especially trans activism is still very important to me, I’ve shifted a lot of my focus to the larger systemic problems oppressing our society. I’ve brought the concept of the commonality of oppression to the Occupy Harrisburg movement and I plan to do the same when I move. I’ve brought lgbt issues into the common dialog of Occupy, and I’ve been learning constantly about what is occurring throughout the world, and I am constantly struggling to balance my drive to be an advocate with my drive to become a successful professional programmer. I’ve learned how critical self care is, and getting myself stable has to take priority at this point.

Thinking about this precarious balance is why I originally stopped posting (along with a bunch of personal issues). However, with my new beginning, with my new involvement, and with my new hope, I’ve decided to start again. I really enjoyed writing here, seeing people were reading, and being able to express my views, and I’m looking forward to writing more and more over the next couple months. Thank you so much for reading everyone. Over the next few weeks, I plan to write about lgbt issues, transgender concerns, occupy, politics, and whatever else is going on. If you have anything you’ve wanted to ask or something you’d like to hear about, feel free to leave a comment or message me and I’d be happy to answer.

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