Interacting as a Girl

Today’s post is going to be a more personal one again. I’m going by the voting results so far on the poll. Unfortunately, there has only been one vote so far… Is anyone able to vote? Is it bugging out? If you’ve done the poll, please leave a quick comment to let me know, I think it may be broken.

Anyways, for tonight’s post, I want to address something I usually gloss over in my presentations, the way that people interact with me day to day. It’s something so subtle, and often completely subconscious. However, it makes a world of difference. There are still people who see me as male and interact with me that way. The way they speak to me, look at me, the tone of their voice, the facial expressions, and much more are all different.

I suppose I will start with the most obvious one, flirting. Most guys seem to unconsciously flirt. It’s somewhat surprising at first. Guys tend to be a little nicer to me now as a rule. It can be subtle, engaging more in conversation, a less guarded expression; it can be cute, like an old man who calls me “darling” and “sweety”; it can be creepy, like the eyes that linger too long where they shouldn’t, with suggestions and comments. Apparently, a lot of girls thinks this gets old. I find it amazing though. These comments, be they flattering or insulting, show me the world around me sees me as a girl absolutely.

Girls are less… mysterious is the best word I can imagine. I feel like girls interact with me more now, and
much more openly. I can have a conversation about mundane topics with almost any girl, hair, makeup, jewelery, or lack there of. When I am in mostly straight environments, there is a significant lack of flirting or playfullness. Since I dealt so heavily in LGBT communities in college, I was used to people being interested in each other regardless of gender. To be in a crowd of straight woman, none of them are interested in dating me, and I’m the only one interested in any of them.

Of course, that is only one part the way interactions changed. As a man, men treated me more like competition than something they are interested in, and women saw me as an outsider. These are just sweeping generalities though, theres tons of variations in behavior from person to person.

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