Poll: What is your favorite type of post?

So today I was out far too late and I just do not have the time or energy to do a blog post (Sorry!!!). I’m going to be speaking tomorrow at Millersville at the Safe Zone training for Healt services. While this is incredibly last minute arrangement (I have to be up in <6 hours), I am really excited to go back to campus and speak.

So instead of a post today,  am putting up a poll. If you read my blog, I’d really encourage you to vote on this poll (Please please please!). This is my first poll, so I am trying to figure it out.. but if everything works as its supposed to, you will be able to select multiple answers and add your own. Also, Please please comment on this post if you want to let me know more details, or if you find my answers silly and want to mock me, or whatever! Feedback lets me know what you want, how I can make this blog more interesting. If you think I need more media on my page, or my about me section looks shabby, let me know!

Favorite type of post?

Thanks so much and wish me luck tomorrow!

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